A few words about ZIGs WORK.

"Two insights and thus two 'MOODS' are always with him: THE VOID and the INBETWEEN."

"For a long time ZIG could only imagine SOMETHING because of many years of working as an architect.
But he learned that a lot of new insights and opportunities arise from the THINKING SPACE to the EMPTY SPACE - because this VOID is not just NOTHING.
The DONT SEE IT AT THE MOMENT is involved everywhere. For ZIGs future work it was extremely important to make this experience."

"ZIG is working as a ROOM GENERATOR and a SPACE CONVERTER. What is new for him is creating art and give ART a SPACE. That is not just about finding spaces and hanging paintings on the wall. No. It is meant much more like making decisions in the creative process, finding new SPACE IN BETWEEN and always keeping an eye on the self-chosen FRAME."

"Although ZIG thinks he has a basic style, his artistic work focuses less on the SAME (motif), but the DIFFERENCABILITY is always flowing - ZIG tries to find a topic, a way for the (GOLDEN) MOMENT."

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